Judging by the sheer number of new and exciting bands outta the Gong within the last couple years it’s pretty clear that there’s something great in the drinking water supplied to the Illawarra. If Powla‘s brand of psychedelic power pop is anything to go off, they’ve been drinking a lot of it. These boys don’t mess around, since forming in early 2015 the four-piece haven’t wasted any time releasing their debut EP Jurrasic Manta, as well as supporting the likes of Acid Baby Jesus.

Powla are young enough to be able to claim Pond and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard as influences on their sound but this does not mean their brand of garage pop should be met with any cynicism. Tracks like “PJ Ramona” and “Harold Holt and the Lightning Bolt” are well written, guitar driven power pop tracks with an absolutely wicked vocal seemingly recorded through a kaleidoscopic microphone.

While they are yet to travel interstate they have ventured up the Princess Highway to tear Sydney a new mind’s eye on several occasions, so if you know what’s good for ya you’ll get your eyes and ears to a show near you in the future or risk being publicly shamed by your mates for having shit taste.



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