DIG THIS: TARANGA EP – lsd ratkings

lsd ratkings are a bloody ripper of a band outta Brisbane, not to be confused with Newcastle ‘fuck-punkers’ Rat King, they’ve have been playing basements, house parties and just about anywhere else they feel is an appropriate venue for their distinctly nonchalant approach to modern garage rock for the last few years. The three-piece’s debut EP Taringa was released in late-2014-early-2015 through Burger Records’ little brother Weiner Records (USA).

lsd ratkings

Two consistent themes are coming out of Brisbane right now. There’s the ‘jangly pop rock’ sound which has received a lot of attention from a particular national taste-maker, whom we will not name, over the past few years, and the dolewave movement, more an approach to music and community rather than an actual definitive sound, championed by the likes of Bedroom Room Suck Records. lsd ratkings‘ approach lies somewhere between the two, the lo-fi recording aesthetic of dolewave meets the jangly Brisbane sound to create a nonchalant breed of garage rock.

Tarina is five tracks that’ll have you stomping around to lsd ratkings‘ uptempo rhythms, colourful tones of fuzz, intense yet simple melodies and shouted rather nasal vocal delivery. When lsd ratkingreturn to stage and record you’d better embrace their


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