Melbourne based trio RAYZA are an act worth your time. They play a brand of nonchalant garage punk which falls fairly neatly between The Living Eyes on Living Large and Primary Colours era Eddy Current in terms of tonality and vocal delivery. Since forming in late 2016, early 2017; at least according to their social media platforms, the St Kilda locals have been busy playing a handful of shows around Melbourne, released a self-titled four track EP and, last week, followed that up with their latest single “TV In My Room.

The track kicks off with

The track clocks in at five minutes long but you would not know it. Starting at a frantic pace with the electric strings and rhythm section leaving enough space in the mix for the vocal to sit neatly above all else until the feedback laden guitar solo about two-thirds through the track. The solo serves as a nice breakup and allows things to be slowed down before the track shifts its gears back up before hurtling itself and the hook toward the end. RAYZA are busy boys and if they keep putting out tracks like “TV In My Room” there’ll be no excuse for allowing them to fall from your radar.


Photo from RAYZA’s Facebook, shot by unknown


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