Much like the sight of Sydney Harbour, The S-Bends, influenced by the Australian indie rock scene of the late 70s and 80s, will have those unfamiliar with their considered approach to making music in awe. While we’re sure the band definitely won’t appreciate us labeling them as such, their music can be seen as fitting into the much discussed and regrettably named dolewave or ozcore movements.  The five-piece have recently wrapped up production on their debut LP, Nothing Feels Natural To Me, and have served up lead single “Tourist Attraction” in anticipation of its forthcoming release. 

“Tourist Attraction” is a gem of a track with sharing tonal qualities with an earlyish Velvet Underground, lyricism acting as both an example of story-telling and poignant in its ability to interconnect with the zeitgeist surrounding indigenous cultures and the recognition and action in the West. The level of thought and know how that has gone into the production of “Tourist Attraction” is as refreshing as it is impressive, leaving enough room in the mix so that all the elements are able to complement each other often goes unrecognised but when done as well as this it is worth noting. 

We’re looking forward to hearing more from and about The S-Bends’ debut LP Nothing Feels Naturally To Me in the months ahead.



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