If you like your garage rock eclectic and low fidelity recording mediums then Los Pintar, the two-piece outfit outta Wollongong Australia, will be right up your alley. The duo makes sound with drums, guitar, male vocal and female vocal. They will have you frenzied and ready to run with the bulls and then be there to scrape your body off the pavement. Taking influence from seemingly everywhere their output ranges from psychedelic droney madness to rhythm and blues, to straight up modern balls to the wall garage rock.

Hard Heels is a track which sounds like the lovechild of John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth; drenched in feedback, featuring an unenthused yet energised female vocal, a shouted male vocal, deadly riffs, smooth drums and raw production. B-side Pinch of Salt is much more of a tame affair, nasally sung male vocal, steady almost 50s-swingesque drumming, and bright clean guitar tones.

Los Pintar are capable of eliciting emotional and physical reactions through their music, they might as well be masters of mind control because they’ll leave you without any recollection of what came before.




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