Melbourne based band Latreenagers won’t put up with your shit. Boasting an approach to garage rock in the same vein as Jay Reatard, the band is in your face, fast and to the point. The three piece make being bad feel bloody good; surf riffs, driving rhythms and unruly vocals; what more could you need.

The four-track EP is a debaucherous collection of tracks that’ll have you in a state of hysteria wanting more. Opening track Red Velvet kicks the EP off with a dirty bassline, met with an amped up surf riff, and 50s-esque drumming with vocals akin to an Australian Johnny Rotten. Digging is a dynamic combination of high paced surf riffs, slower mesmerising almost tribal rhythmic passages consisting of muted snare and floor tom, and a doomish bass line. Pyramid Scheme is by far the most ‘punk’ sounding track it is a blistering affair of senseless riffs and insane drumming. Closing track Cheap Holiday is arguably the poppiest song on the release, a tale of not wanting to return to the mundane.



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