Inner Western Sydney locals Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents have been running amuck around town for almost two years. Dropping a few singles along the way. Debut EP Cheap Things is their grandest effort to date. Recorded live to tape, with the aid of Owen Penglis, the result is six tracks of feral garage rock as wild as it is raw.

Nick Nuisance & the Delinquents are heavier on feedback than they are fuzz. The vocals are so compressed that despite the times they compete with the guitars they manage to sit up close and personal, holding your attention throughout. The urgency captured in the recording makes Cheap Things feel like a knife pointed at your throat.

Opening track Out The Window is probably the one sour note on EP, instrumentally coming across as The Stooges lite, the vocal strangled by the guitars but would probably hold its own as an individual release. Title track ‘Cheap Things’ is a bloody ripper, featuring Modern Lovers inspired guitar tones, the verse is largely bright sounding contrasting with the distorted choruses.

‘Skimming Through Town’ is less than thirty seconds of a repeated punk inflected surf lick, a refresher of sorts. ‘News’ is a jagged affair of shouted vocals, punchy drums and heavy guitars venting their frustrations lyrically “You’re doing my head in darls, maybe I’ll just get drunk and fuckin’ watch the news”. The track eventually gives way to probably the climax of the release ‘1993’ a wild number, with just the right amount of noise, a good amount of space for each element to make its mark; the most rhythmically complex track on the release. ‘Grocery Store’ is a good way to close the record, and definitely not hindered by its placement behind the brilliance of ‘1993’.

Overall Cheap Things is six tracks of garage punk that we think serve as a good introduction to Nick Nuisance and the Delinquents for the unacquainted and a solid reimagining of their raucous live shows for those who’ve had the pleasure of catching one of their sets in person.

Highlights: Cheap Things, 1993

Lowlights: Out The Window



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