Photo Credit: Julia Arden Dixon & Cristian Alexis Sigler

Mamalarky will enchant you with their silver-toned psychedelic rock. Influenced by the likes of Deer HoofThe Strange Boys, and Sister Rosetta Thorpe the female led three-o transcend the notions of nostalgia and newfangled novelty. Hailing from Austin, Texas, the outfit sculpts the airwaves using voice, guitar, keyboard, and drums. Sugary debut single ‘Loose Leaf’ will have you entranced by their pop sensibilities and songwriting aptitude.

Lyrically, Loose Leaf is an impassioned statement of discontent toward those who treat hospitality workers in an untoward manner. An infectiously bright keyboard scale sets the ball rolling, followed by support from cymbal heavy drumming, and guitar masterfully layered underneath the keyboard, before the honey-eyed vocal, akin to the stylings of Mummas & the Pappas in terms of execution and production, takes pride of place at the centre of the soundstage.

Judging solely off the sonic strength of ‘Loose Leaf’ as a quirky yet sophisticated offering of sunshine psychedelia Mamalarky is an act we hope to hear more from in the future.



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