The Uplifting Bellends are an all encompassing gang of genre-defying youths from Sydney’s Southern Beaches.  On previous releases elements of sixties psych, folk and rock are blended together to create what the band has defined as anti-pop. The band is on the road to releasing their follow up LP to 2015’s Super Giant, aptly titled Super Giant II, and have released two singles in anticipation April’s Sweet Heart, I Thought I Saw You, reminiscent of Nuggets-era psych, and more recently Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice should soundtrack your next acid propelled trip to the medieval fair. Leaning more toward the folk side of things than it does first-wave psych, instrumentally, The Bell Ends utilise soft, muted drums and percussion, flute, acoustic guitar and a sporadic yet restrained vocal grunt, saturated in reverb to paint an aural re-imagining of a scene straight out of The Magic Sword. The eccentricity of The Uplifting Bell Ends to release Summer Solstice as the second single on Super Giant II is as outrageous as it is an inspired decision, serving as both an introduction and reminder of the diverse nature of the band’s sonic output.

If this is what anti-pop has become then we want more of it, sooner rather than later.



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